Case Study

ALINE High-Performance Insoles

Based on the recommendation of another of our e-commerce clients, ALINE, a leading manufacturer of high-performance insoles, came to us after months of struggling to implement an effective and profitable direct to consumer (DTC) digital marketing program. With their current digital agency, ALINE was mired in what felt like an intractable cycle of high advertising costs and low sales. They were losing money on every sale since they were spending more on ads than they made on the sale of their product. They needed to get their digital program re-engineered and running properly in order to drive profit at scale.

Responsibilities: Digital Strategy, Creative Campaign Development, Performance Marketing Campaign Management (PPC, SEO + Amazon Program), Reporting + Insights

ALINE shoe top view
ALINE High-Performance Insoles

our strategy

Re-engineer ALINE’S digital program to drive profit at scale.

In order to tackle this challenge, we employed the following strategies:


Conducted a Comprehensive Audit + Analysis

We performed an exhaustive account audit of their DTC program to identify opportunities and waste and to develop a new strategic roadmap for success with overhauled strategies for their PPC, Amazon and SEO programs.

After 30+ hours of information gathering and analysis, we presented to ALINE a comprehensive report that allowed them to fully conceptualize their DTC landscape. They were able to evaluate the full ecosystem as a whole with insights into each of the various channels individually. This report provided them with invaluable insights into their challenges and opportunities.


Improved Product Merchandising On Their Website + Amazon Presence

To drive higher conversion rates, we made dramatic improvements to both ALINE’S e-commerce site and Amazon account. The changes included:

  • Product Page Redesigns: Redesigning and refreshing all product pages, improving the quality of the design layout, photography, graphics, and product information.
  • Site Performance Updates + SEO Optimization: Optimizing their website for performance—including page speed and responsiveness, to support its ability to convert—along with optimization according to the latest SEO principles, so the website would be more easily found and indexed by search engines.
  • Landing Pages: Creating use case specific landing pages to drive traffic and increase relevance for visitors coming from their PPC campaigns.
  • Amazon Product Improvements: Implementing enhanced graphics and product descriptions across all of their Amazon products.

Rolled Out a New DTC Program (Google Ads, SEO + Amazon)

After presenting our findings and obtaining client buy-in, we commenced with the implementation of our new program by first tackling the issue of program waste. In month one, we were able to reduce the ad spend by half while preserving sales volume, thus doubling the profit for every unit sold. By month three, we had successfully driven growth to new, unprecedented heights. Employing newly uncovered insights from our research and doggedly optimizing all campaigns, we pushed growth on all fronts. Ultimately, while maintaining our initial 50% reduction in ad cost per unit sold, we doubled ALINE’s sales volume and increased its DTC profit 4x (300%).

The results

Two words: white hot. Following our custom-made strategies, we were able to achieve incredible results for ALINE:


Increased ALINE’s DTC

Profit 4x (300%)


Dramatically Improved Economics for ALINE’s DTC Program:

  • Increased DTC profit 4x (300%).
  • Reduced ad costs (per unit sold) by 50%.
  • Doubled overall DTC sales volume.
  • Doubled conversions for the same ad spend

Exponential Growth to ALINE’s Organic Search Presence.

Reaching top five ranking for keywords: “Hiking insoles”, “Golf shoe inserts”, “Arch support insoles”, “Memory foam insoles”.