Case Study

Atlantic Beach Country Club

Under tight deadlines, the Atlantic Beach Country Club needed to quickly sell all homesites for their new luxury home community in North Florida.

However, the ABCC was effectively starting from scratch. They had no website, a brand new domain, no online visibility and no domain authority. ABCC was looking for a creative and innovative approach to drive sales leads. They turned to t/hawk digital.

Responsibilities: Digital Strategy, Creative Campaign Development, Performance Marketing Campaign Management (PPC, SEO), Reporting + Insights

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our strategy

Design and execute a custom-tailored performance marketing program laser focused on quickly and efficiently building a high-quality sales pipeline

In order to tackle this challenge, we employed the following strategies:


An Optimized Website

We designed and launched a new site expressly designed to effectively and efficiently convert online leads. This included:

  • •  Onsite SEO: The new site was optimized according to the latest, search engine friendly principals and best practices.
  • •  Lead Funnels: The design and implementation of streamlined user funnels.
  • •  Complex Tracking: The design and implementation of a dynamic tracking system for easily understanding  how visitors move through the new website.

A Custom-Tailored Performance Marketing Program

We designed and executed a sophisticated performance marketing program expressly designed to efficiently drive online leads. This included:

•  A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign: A custom SEO program that included:

  • •  Keyword Analysis: A deep dive into search queries for keywords with the highest likelihood to drive conversion.
  • •  Competitive Analysis: An initial and ongoing competitive analyses to fully understanding the competitive landscape.
  • •  Optimized Content: The ongoing publishing of optimized content, informed by our keyword research.
  • •  Link Building: A link building campaign that emphasized high-quality and relevance.

•  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign: A custom PPC strategy and program, that included:

  • •  Google Ads: Based on our keyword research, a targeted campaign that leveraged Google machine learning, and ongoing analysis and optimization to continuously improve the campaign ROI over time.
  • •  Facebook + Instagram Retargeting: The tagging of new site visitors in order to re-market to them across Facebook and Instagram.

•  Ongoing Campaign Optimization: Running a balanced PPC, SEO and re-marketing program designed to engender a virtuous cycle of refinement resulting an increasingly focused and effective campaign (i.e serve ads > interested people click > collect + apply insights to refine targeting > repeat).

•  Earned Media: In concert with our PR partner, the development and distribution of unique content optimized for visibility, traffic and SEO benefit (i.e. backlinks).

The results

Two words: sold out. In less than 1 year, driven by our custom performance marketing program, Atlantic Beach Country Club built a highly-qualified sales pipeline, in a very competitive market, and ultimately sold its entire inventory of homesites.

Shot to the Top of Google

Our campaign quickly pushed Atlantic Beach Country Club to the top of Google for new homes sites and new construction in the Northern Florida market, ranking them consistently in the coveted top 3 organic listings on Google’s SERP.

Top 3

Ranked in
Top 3 Spots on Google


Increase in

Site Traffic